arvo: the afternoon

the big smoke: the city

bitzer: a mongrel dog (a bit of this and a bit of that)

bonzer: excellent, pleasing

booze artist: a heavy drinker of alcohol

bung it on: to behave excessively, temperamentally

bushie: a person living in the county who is unsophisticated

come a gutzer: to fall over, make a mistake

creamed: to be beaten up in a fight, to be beaten convincingly

crikey!: an expression of astonishment, a mild oath

chugalug: to drink

clobber: as a verb, to hit severely: as a noun, clothing

dekko: to have a look at

donít come the raw prawn with me!: donít try to deceive me

fair crack of the whip/ fair go: an appeal for fairness

fair dinkum: true, genuine

fuckwit: a very stupid person

funnel web spider: an extremely deadly Aussie spider

Gíday: good day (a greeting also standing for good morning/good afternoon)

the glad eye: inviting or flirtatious look

the good oil: the correct information (often given in confidence)

goss: the latest news or gossip

hairy eyeball: a disapproving look

hoon: a lout, frequently to be found driving a vehicle recklessly

the irrits: a feeling of annoyance

lob in: to arrive unexpectedly or unannounced

mad as a cut snake: extremely irritated

mate: a friend, associate (of either gender)

mug lair: a brash, vulgar person (usually a young man)

not a patch on: not as good as

no hide no Chrissie box: if you donít dare, you wonít succeed

no-hoper: an incompetent person, a misfit

not much chop: no good, not up to standard

no worries: an expression of assurance

open slather: free-for-all, a situation with no restraints

ripper: absolutely excellent

sook: a crybaby

to snaffle: to grab, take quickly

stickybeak: an inquisitive person

whinge: to complain loudly

wouldnít it rot your socks?: an expression of dismay or frustration

yobbo: an aggressive lout

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